Smart  Building

Today’s buildings are dynamic blends of designs, facilities, and technologies. With time, each of these elements inside the building has been built and upgraded, enabling modern-day building owners to select lighting, protection, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems individually, as if they were putting together a smart home entertainment system.


Ragno’s smart building can be called a “supersystem” of integrated building subsystems, similar to the Internet, which links computing networks to a larger “supernetwork.” Ragno’s smart building, system automation can be used to reduce operating costs and maintain the highly secured living ecosystem.

Our Smart Solutions


Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is a lighting technology system that is designed for energy efficiency, convenience, and security. This includes high energy efficiency and automated lighting controls that reduce the usage of energy up to 50%

Smart Energy Meters

Smart energy meters provide automatic meters to make your bills more accurate and help monitor the generation from building renewables with more effective grid management

Smart HVAC Systems

Smart HVAC systems allow demand control, by improving the response of systems to the heating, cooling, and ventilation needs. Our systems can also embed, in addition to sensors, learning algorithms in order to better fit with users’ behavior or building’s use.

Smart Advertisements

The main aspect of developing a smart digital advertising network is to provide promotional quality and perspective dynamically through digital devices by tracking live human presence.

Smart ERP Management

Smart ERP is a Ragno custom ERP program. This will cover all services and programs supported by any ERP program. Ours is faster, more flexible, and more cost-effective than any existing system.

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