Smart cities

The concept of a ‘Smart-City’ involves the governing bodies using advanced IOT technology to provide services and solve city problems. Promote sustainability, improve accessibility, transportation, social services and give citizen a voice is the end goal for a smart city architecture.

Ragno smart city services allow cities to reduce public inconvenience and waste, improve policy efficiency, social and economic quality and maximise social inclusion. Real-time data collection of public events including air and water quality, traffic and solar radiation levels now allows governments to act immediately to solve nearly any problem

Our Smart Solutions


Smart Street Lighting

Its main goal is to increase public safety through improved lighting safer traffic due to increased visibility of hazards and measurable environmental impact.

Smart Parking

Smart Parking is a parking strategy to achieve faster, easier parking of vehicles.

Smart Transportation

Smart transportation solves traffic congestion and provides road safety, provides accident detection, and automatic fare collection. Moreover, limited car parking facilities can be resolved with this mechanism

Smart Security Systems

The smart security system has embedded electronics, sensors, and software that assures the city is protected by intruders.

Smart Environment Management

Smart Environment Management enhanced productivity and increased quality-of-life for human the population.

Smart Water Management

Smart water meter tracks the quality, pressure, and consumed quantity of water in a household or industry and helps in leakage detection, to reduce water wastage.

Smart Waste Management

Smart waste management solutions focus on improving the total efficiency of waste collection and recycling.

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